Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Great Minnesota Get Together's Eve
Today was all about getting ready for the MN Sate Fair. Me 'n Zach had the job of first making enough room on the deck to light a new chroma key wall in and among the engineers.

This whole key wall thing was Dave Dahl's idea, I've heard. He won't even be there for it. He fell off his Harley and broke his collerbone and scraped off his new tattoo! (I made up the part about scraping off his tattoo. He really does have a new one from Stirgess, but I made up the part about scraping it off)

I had to leave our stuff out for them to put away for me because I was also scheduled to work on the 5pm Newscast. Little overbooked. Lot of work today, won't have any difficulty sleeping tonight.

song - Summer Breeze - Seales and Croft or Type-O-Negative
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