Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Retro-Updating My Blog.
Here's what that means:
I've had a total of three web logs. The first was an MSN community page that I kind of loosley made myself. While that site was cranking along, James Touchi Peters created conk.com which was a competitor of the MSN communities and included a web log feature. So I ceased using the non-existant blog tools at MSN for the conk site only to find that I didn't really care for it. But that initiated a search for a real blog server that I would like. That lead to the creation of this site. So in the end, my web log was spread out over three different sites. Today I started to cut n paste the old entries into this blog so they'd all be in one web location.

This has also inspired me to try to write something here every day- no matter how boring.

Paint the Weather Wall
My first mission today was to paint the new chroma key wall out at the Fair. I was to put the first layer of primer and than go on in to work. So thats what I did. To my suprise, the primer was already on as well as the first coat of chroma key green! So I applied the 2nd coat and then went on in to work to help out with the midday show.

After lunch, Ahmed and I went back out to apply a 2nd coat. We took Schmitty out with us and brought Kevin Knapp back with us. Kevin was very pissed, because with some communication snafu he had been stuck out at the fair for something like 2 hours longer than he planned. I sinfully took joy in his anger.

Daniel chapter 5, oh wait, Bocce!
for small group, tonight, we had a social night instead of studying the book of Daniel (which is what I emailed as the agenda ^_^). We played bocce ball. Leesha got to stay up (which isn't always a great idea) and she was on my team. Eric and Laura Beth beat us all out. Leesha had a meltdown at about 8:30 which was, as Cara pointed out to me, about the time she usually does when she gets to stay up later.

song - I had a song from Sunday's worship service in my head all day, but I don't recall it now!

did you know that you will NOT hear any promo for KSTP speak the word "channel" as in "Channel 5". It is strictly "5 Eyewitness News!"
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