Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mom & Dad & St. Louis

Arrived at Mom and Dads at about 8 am. visited till about 10 and went to sleep. Mom and Dad took Leesha to the Butterfly House (which we heard she didn't really like). we had dinner and just visited.

Leesha was off her game. She was very tired from trying to sleep all night in the car and just being somewhere else. Even though she behaved very well, we designated over by the door as the time out spot- just in case. Well, Leesha chose dinner time to fight with us. My mom served coleslaw and Leesha melodramatically ate it with great facial expressions, fighting every moment with every excuse not to eat the slaw. Her face was so over the top that my mom couldn't contain herself and just started laughing at the expressions. So I sent my mom to the time out spot. She went! Laughing the whole time.

great time.

Leesha went to sleep really fast and really hard. We watched LOST that dad taped on Wed. My folks are fans, too.


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