Sunday, February 13, 2005

Home, 694, Church, Disco and Polyester

This has been a busy weekend. I figured out that after leaving work on Friday till getting home this afternoon, I have driven between my house and church a total of eight times this weekend. And to think the first nine years of my ten year stay here in Minnesota I may have been able to count the amount of times I drove on 694 on both hands.

Friday night I stopped by the church to finish a video shoot. There is going to be a ministry spotlight on the FOCUS ministry- that is Woodland Hills' singles group (obsolete for some of us, now, isn't it?). They needed some ideas for the video promo for the spotlight and came to me. Well, when you come up with ideas that people like, sometimes you become the idea and I was casted for one of those ideas. We shot it on monday night and finished some of it Friday night. It was in and out- quick and in ten minutes I was on my way to Cara's for dinner and to finish the Firefly series.

Yesterday I was at church to attend the Discover Covenant Relationships class to become a member of the church. I wasn't looking forward to it at all and was going to go through the motions, but the class is lead by Paul Eddy and his teachings turned out to be incredibly interesting. I even sat with him at lunch and asked him a bunch of questions. I also shamelessly promoted our small group to a couple of couples who were also at the class.

Lastnight Cara hosted a 70s themed party. That was pretty fun dressing up in horrible clothes and listening to funk and disco.

Cara and I were supposed to meet with Kevin Johnson today to talk about wedding plans, but he canceled because of the stomach flu. We did see Greg Wollan and received the CDs he was selling me. His music is very good. I've been on a huge 10cc kick and it turns out he loves that band maybe as much as my brother and I do.

music - Reds in My Bed 10cc
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