Friday, September 09, 2005

Crazy Day

Start the day running, I'd say. Last night, during the 5pm, my manager comes up to me and tells me to write a work order for this morning as soon as we find out what time they want it. That was last night!

On my way into the building, the same manager catches me and says I need to get to the Fair grounds building, first thing!, and pick up some banners.

Here we are, and no one knows what time still, they're asking me! So I write it for 'sometime AM' and hand out the work orders. See, we have a rule- no work order, no do it. all because of a select few (Hammer, Rusty, I'm looking in your direction).

After that I spent all day getting Studio B ready for a special broadcast on 5 that airs live tonight. They had to cover my camera during Midday so I could light. I did do stills for At Issue, but then left it for them while I returned to lighting.

I returned to stills for the 5pm and did do prompter for 5pm and at that point I think lighting was good. But after the 5, Sarah had me on a special Billboard.

Yeah, this post means nothing to most readers, but it does illustrate that it was a very busy day.
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