Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spud is in town.

Cara, Leesha and I went to her cousin's wedding today. Jason and Jonel got married today in the same church that Cara and I were married. It was nice and very traditional. Leesha was picked up by her dad after the ceremony.

After the wedding we went up to Greg and Mandy's house to see Spud. Jason, Marusha, Skyhawk, David and Misty Budney (what?!!!) arrived later. And even later, Jutton and his

It was good seeing Spud. It wasn't an ideal setting. It was too fast and not quiet enough. But it was a good time. Got to connect with David a bit. Cara felt that she connected with Mandy a lot more.

We set up plans to go to Uptown Bar and Cafe tomorrow for gyro omelets. Always love gyro omelets.
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