Friday, September 30, 2005


Schneidy hasn't been doing so well, lately. He needed some friend time. God bless Cara for recognizing that and almost sending me out to hang with him (she is such a keeper. I was out late lastnight for Viking Game Day and I know she would really like to spend some time with me, but while I was working last night Schneidy called to see if I was busy tonight and Cara pretty much sent me out with him).

We were going to use a couple of free movie passes, but the movie would have to be 10 days old or older and nothing that was that old was any good. Serenity opened in theaters today. I am going to go see it tomorrow night with a bunch of people, but you know what... We went to Serenity anyways.

I think it was a good thing for him to get his mind off his drama for a while.

what a wonderful movie. Best one I've seen this year. I know and love the show its from- Firefly. Schneidy hadn't seen any Firefly, so it was neat to hear what he thought of it from that perspective.

Go see this movie.
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