Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LOST... power ) :<

Wednesday, Robert came over to watch the season 2 premiere of LOST. We had a nice dinner and as Cara put Leesha to bed, Rob and I watched the season 1 recap episode. As it started, the sky got real dark and KSTP started cutting in with weather updates. With the weather picking up and Leesha getting freaked out all was getting frustrating. We put Leesha to bed downstairs, grabbed a couple of flashlights... and BLACK.

Power went out at 15 minutes to 8:00 pm.

Rob and I checked out the upstairs to make sure there wasn't too much damage while Cara read to Leesha by flashlight. We just talked for about 45 minutes in the dark. Rob finally went home and Cara and I went to bed.

about 10 minutes to 1 AM the power came back on. I started a download of the premiere episode and watched it the next day.
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