Friday, November 18, 2005

Festive Evening

Craig and Tracy and the boys are going back to Africa in about a week. So in celebration and spending some time with them before they go, Delane's and Ron are hosting dinner at their house for the evening. Always a good time at their house.

I had to leave early, because I was invited to Vineeta's house for a Morning Show social gathering. Vineeta has just been switched over to the Morning Show (just after I was, also) and to get to know everyone better she and her husband are hosting this party.

Besides the Christmas Party and hanging out with some of the production crew, this was the first time I ever socialized with KSTP people outside of work and it was a blast!

Seth and his woman were there. I spent a great deal of time talking with Tommy from tapes, hanging out with Steve Schmit, and talked about Boston Terriers with Justin- the web guy. Schmitty and Kathyrn and I got into a pretty intense conversation about God in Vineeta's kitchen. When almost everyone was gone, Vineeta gave Justin and I a tour. What a cool house. This house is located south of Grand kind of near 35E. Three stories and a basement. We all went home around 11pm (which is really late when you work on the morning show).

Good time all around. I wish Cara could've come with, but it was important that she spend time with her brother's family before they left.


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