Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stag Party!

here's how it went down:

  • 1pm Uptown Bar & Cafe for gyro omelets

We all met at the Uptown. Bobo and I arrived to see Schneidy waiting outside. Schepp and Greg and Eric arrived not long after that. I think we all ordered gyro omelets.

  • 2:30 Bobo's house for Settlers of Catan

Curtis Mayrand was going to join us at Bobo's so as we waited, we went through the entire catalog of GI Joe PSAs from FenslerFilms. Its definitely better to watch those in a group. They seem to never get old. As soon as Curtis arrived, we watched a fan made Star Wars movie.

We then started up a game of Settlers of Catan. 6 player game at max and we had 7, so Bobo bowed out and did email things while we played. After he got bored he started to help Schepp and in the end they won.

  • 9:pm Jutton's house

We stopped at the gas station for food and headed off to Jutton's house. Greg and I played Halo with a bunch of people online, which was fun. We sat around and shot the shyte.

Curtis and I got into a debate about why the new Star Wars movies were so bad and how Lucas ruined the whole thing. Somewhere in the middle of it, Curtis, in his drunken logic, was arguing that Lando Calrissian wasn't a black guy, but a Hispanic!

We finished the night with the Chappell show DVD. I wasn't all that impressed, but I did enjoy the Charlie Murphy stories. "Darkness!"

  • 3am back home

We got back to Bobo's and everyone left dispersed in their respective cars. I wasn't comfortable letting Curtis drive home. So I offered to drive him home and have Bobo follow in his truck. So, thats what we did.

Renade was still up when we got there. We got a small tour of the house and even looked at the back yard. Curtis felt bad for us giving him a ride and wanted to make it up to us by offering us a beer or a piece of cake. We settled for juice boxes. As we were saying goodbye near the front door I felt something on my neck. Picked it off and flung it down in front of the fish tank. It was an inch worm! Curtis instantly picked it up and dropped it into the tank and all four of us gathered around to see the fate of this worm. The worm was freaking out and the fish were circling the worm. It looked like the fish were about to strike when all of a sudden the fishtank lights went out because of a set timer! It was perfect and hilarious!

music - Where is My Mind? - Pixies on the way to Curtis's house just after 3am, reminiscent of our Comicbook convention trip.

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