Saturday, September 10, 2005


It was almost too perfect.
Leesha had a strange accident. Apparently, she wasn't feeling good. Wasn't feeling good in a You're-Sliding-Into-First-And-You're-Feeling-Something-Burst way.
Cara went to the grocery store so Leesha and I were playing games on the internet when she says she needs to go to the potty and runs off. She took more time than I'd expect but didn't think much of it. Cara came home and I heard voices. I hear Leesha's voice is upset and I go up to see what kind of trouble she may be in and if I'd need to back Cara up. I mis-read the trauma. Asked Leesha what was wrong and she exclaims between sobs "I pooped in my pants!". Hold it together, Jeffry! Keep a strait face. She was embarrassed and scared (water-poop is not normal, man!) and clogged the toilet, so she was very upset. But crisis passed and everything got cleaned up and calmed down.
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