Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Nights are Nice

Our weeks have become quite busy, lately. And the fact that Cara is working full time subbing, now adds to the release of Friday evening. Leesha is off to dad's on Friday nights for the last few weeks. So its developing into our lets-not-plan-anything night.

So we had a small dinner and watched the last 3 episodes of LOST season 1 (Cara hadn't seen them yet and needs to before she sees the season 2 premiere).

Cara's friend from school, David, and his wife, Kristin, were coming to town tonight and they arrived haflway through the last episode. They came in and we talked till about half past midnight. When they went to bed, Cara and I finished the episode.

Having just seen the season 2 premiere, it was interesting seeing the last episodes again.

I love this show. I love how they ended the season with the scene of everyone boarding the plane. These creators have a real good sense of what I think is good tv.

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