Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Green Light from Before You Say "I Might"

Bobo asked Laura to be his wife in October last year and she said yes. I asked Cara the day after Thanksgiving and Cara said yes. The last couple remain- Eric and Keesha. We all knew Keesha had a communication system with Eric about him asking her to marry him. She wasn't ready and would give him a green light when she was. And he wasn't to ask her until he got the green.
So for weeks we've been praying for him and her to get this green light.

Today he received it.

He got a package in the mail with several printouts of different types of engagement rings from different websites and on the front was a note written on a very bright green post-it. It seems hard to mistake what the message is here. So, congratulations to Eric. Now it will be neat to see how he asks her.
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