Sunday, February 20, 2005

No TV, Music, Water or Bathroom!

This was a great weekend. Eric, Keesha, Cara and I went up to Keesha's family's cabin and had lazy, cold, roughin'-it weekend. Friday morning I was all packed to go after work. Picked up Cara and we headed off into the Wisconsin north woods. We were supposed to meet Keesha's brother at an intersection and he wasn't there. Just on the edge of cel phone reception, he told us his truck was in the ditch. We found him and gave him a ride to the cabin. From there the boys (Eric, me, Taylor- Keesha's brother, and Bob- Keesha's dad) went back to the truck to get it out. After a greater part of an hour or two we got the truch off the snow back and back on the road (with the help of my bick rack of all things). After we got back to the cabin and sent Bob and Taylor off, it was well into Saturday morning- middle of the night. The cabin was never truly warm. We had a good time anyways. Cooking, playing Settlers and other games and just cuddling to be warm. Two nights without water, electricity, tv, music, etc. It was very relaxing. This morning we had breakfast, launched Eric's rocket off the river (got stuck in a tree) and played a game of settlers, then packed and went home.

music - we didn't have music, but Dreadlock Holiday from 10cc was running through my head quite a bit.
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