Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's Life Inner City Boxes of Love

Rob brought up an idea for a volunteer ministry for our small group. And since he brought it up, he was gracious enough to organize us in going through with it. So instead of meeting last night (like we usually do every Tuesday night) we met tonight at a warehouse in Minneapolis. The ministry is called Here's Life Inner City and the program we were working on is called Boxes of Love. What we did all evening was put together hundreds of boxes for needy inner city families. It was quite fun and we got to meet other people from our own church. It was really no sacrifice for us (other than we skipped watching LOST). Even Leesha was really helpful. She made bead bracelets that were included in every box.

When Leesha stays up past her bed time, its almost a guarantee that she will have a melt down. We were doing very well. In the car and on the way home, even. She was playing with my neck as I drove and trying to be playful, I bit her thumb- but I did it a just a little too hard. She pulled back and was real quiet. I could tell she was holding it in- not sure what to think of what just happened. I asked her if she was ok and if I bit too hard. That was her ticket to let loose.

Oh. My. Goodness!

She cried as hard as she possibly could! Which was fine. It was my fault. So we just let her cry. She eventually got tired of crying and forgave me. But that was kind of funny at first. Other than that, she was really really good. And even that wasn't bad. Just Melodramatic


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