Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chutes and Ladders... only without the Chutes, but lots of lights instead!

I haven't had a day off since one week ago and I won't until this Saturday! This weekend was the annual lighting weekend with our lighting consultant, Dan. So Seth (the new guy) and I were scheduled to do the lights with Dan.

The begining of our lighting project looked bleak.
  • Our brand new board was shipped without a power supply and Dan (who was already on the phone, trying to find one in town for us) said one wouldn't be here until Monday afternoon.
  • Months ago, Monica had me do a tally on the amount of fluoresent bulbs we had on hand for this task. She told me to find out how many we needed total and then figure out how many we had on hand and she would order the difference. Turns out Dan wanted the whole amount ordered.
  • We were also going to adjust all the lights in the studio. Its amazing how many lights burn out just before Dan gets here every few months. We were desperatly short on the bulbs we needed. The order had gone out but the shipment hadn't arrived yet. So we were short several bulbs. Monica has scheduled me to be out on a shoot for 45 on Monday. It became clear Sunday evening that we weren't going to be finished, that we would need to do more on Monday, so I called Monica and she agreed that I should be at the station.
  • A guy from Engineering (who is very difficult to work with) set up the prompter area how he interpreted the instruction- not how one would set it up logically. Its probably going to be left that way until he has settled down and isn't so mad about the project before its fixed.

One really cool thing did happen, however. We started later today so Dan and I could go to church. Since Dan is from D.C. and just wanted to go to any church, I invited him to mine! And he went!

All this work means not much Cara :(

music - The Long Walk Home - Peter Gabriel (soundtrack to Rabbit Proof Fence)
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