Monday, November 11, 2002

When it comes to working on a public access television show I have decided that I despise indecision. Indecision, in itself, is a decision. Airhead producers are the bane to this otherwise, wonderful job. The producer in question will comment the tiniest detail, yet I'd almost have to beg to get their say on major show items (like, how many guests will there be? "I don't know" what!?!?!). Imediatly after the shoot was finished (thank God) James Touchi-Peters had his shoot and as I'm getting a tape ready Manager-Susan informs me that he has less than a half hour to finish his half hour interview. I'm not sure of the logic behind that but it didn't seem very possible at the time. Someone scheduled about 15 nine-year-old cub scouts to come in (Susan, I'm looking in your direction)(this must be why we have to be done in less than a half hour). Well, obviously we didn't get done in time so manager starts the troop's tour while we're shooting. What the heck! She starts demonstrating audio during a live shoot! We only had about 3 minutes to go before we were finished, come on!. Now the interview sounds weird. Thanks alot. After tape stopped rolling I escaped and had lunch. Unbelievable. Sorry, this is so vent-full, but where else can I rant!?

JTP did bring pie, though. That does help.

How do you like my new colours? They are inspired by Cobra uniforms and vehicles.

the countdown continues...
4 days till Peter Gabriel

Flies on the Windscreen - Depeche Mode
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