Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Adventure day.

Cinema Judge and Ruth came in today to edit a show. They did an episode about Femme Fatale. Looks like a cool movie but Rebecca Romijn-Stamos doesn't seem to be able to act. She was best painted blue as Mystique in X-Men.

Susan asked if I was able to help her with some things at her house in return for lunch and I agreed. First she brought me to her house to install her van's rear seat. I guess they're going to sell the van and they wanted to get an estimate with everything in it and she wasn't able to do it by herself. While I was there we figured I might as well carry the giant TV (not nearly as giant as the big f-ing TV in our house) down to the extra bedroom. Megan, Susan's niece, was home so she went to lunch with Susan and me. I thought it was a set up because she decided we should eat at Famous Dave's and have ribs. I thought she was testing me because of our debate on Monday (see 11/18/02). I managed to eat my ribs without ever licking my fingers. After lunch I helped Susan grab empty boxes from a liquor store so she could help someone move. Finally she brought me back to work.

Today I've been encoding shows for the BPTV web page. While a show encodes I can surf. I've waving my geek flag and posting links to the current Marvel Comics movie trailers.

After All - David Bowie cool song, I've read its a dedication to his fans. "oh by jingo"
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