Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I think Leon (who does the Experiencia Latina program) is pissed at me today. He wanted me to edit something for him that wasn't for this tv station and I didn't think that I should. When Bloomington producers use Bloomington Public Television equipment it must result in BPTV programming. Well, this didn't quite fit in that rule. So I called him on it. I told him if Susan said its ok, than its ok. He presented the case to her. She said he could do it if he used it in a future show and that we would write up an invoice for his using the studio and when he used the footage she would void the invoice. I think that called his bluff and he left upset. I feel really bad about this because this is the guy who gave me two computers (yes, they are shyte computers and I told him over and over that other people would probably need these computers more than me. But in the end he insisted so I took them). I also feel a little offended because it seems like he was trying to take advantage of me. If I went ahead with it and got caught and Susan was feeling particularly nasty at that moment, I could lose my job.

The video Leon wanted to edit with had some the most disgusting footage I have ever seen. It was a documentary about the health hazards of smoking. Looked like it was shot in the 70s with this extremely graphic surgery footage of someone's face being opened to remove cancer. Oh my goodness, I almost gagged. Nasty nasty stuff. Susan didn't realize what it was about, she asked to see some of the footage and when I rolled tape she ran out of the room with her hand on her mouth! ha ha. oh well.

I was just visited by a walking salesman who tried to sell me a package of five children's videos. I told him I'm a big fan of animation and I had never heard of this company and what he is selling me was old and looked like crap. He asked if I had kids or any young relatives. I told him I had nephews that I hadn't met yet and he said Christmas was coming soon. I told him that if I hadn't met them yet, they wouldn't be expecting a present from me especially a crap present. He got all red faced and decided to leave. Poor fellow.

countdown continues...
3 days till Peter Gabriel
and its also a countdown till Iraq needs to decide whether or not to accept U.N.'s resolution. Peter Gabriel will be more fun.

View to a Kill - Duran Duran because I can feel the 007 hype coming. Linear gets special mention, though. (yes, I admit I had that tape and if you don't know who that is, then good)
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