Thursday, November 07, 2002

My computer at home is gone. I was given an old computer with Win95 and a Pentium II and 6 gigs of harddrive space- not much but I can't complain. Something wasn't installing right with some additional hardware so I tried to reinstall Win95. The result of that was a corrupted or missing file. So I found my old Win98 discs and tried to install that. I lost everything on the harddrive (which wasn't much, just a whole lot of songs I'll need to re-encode) but also some video and audio drivers. So everything is running silent and in 16 colors. Computers are frustrating things.

Ed was on last night. It was a pretty good episode but there was something strange and subtle. Check it out here.

today I am 10,294 days old. This is where I found that out.

Growing Up - Peter Gabriel
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