Monday, November 04, 2002

I'm giving this blog thing a shot. It might be easier to do a daily web log from here. I'm not sure how easy it will be to access though. If anyone does read this, let me know in the message board how this works out for you.

Today has been busy again. I worked on BAA editing for the first part of the day. We've been trying to get this done for the second half of October but its been pushed aside for other 'more important' things. So today Susan realized how drastically far behind we are on many things so she got on my case for being behind on BAA. I told her that I had plenty of time scheduled to edit it but she often pulled me from it to catch up on something else. She then replied saying that I should've compensated for that knowing the nature of how we operate. What does that mean? By that logic any time I schedule for BAA should be expected to be used for some other project. I'm just trying to do my work. Jeffry wants to write a resume and find an ultra high paying job and buy a jeep and comics.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I'm trying to come up with something unique to send her as a card. I'm sure I'll think of something and I'll share it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY

Fire in Cairo - Cure
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