Friday, November 08, 2002

A nice and easy day. Like the Flaming Lips once said "You gotta sleep in when you can". I had off today because I have to work tomorrow. Thats fine. James Touchi-Peters and I are hookin up today. He needs to get out of his workplace (which would also be his house) and I need help with my computer. He said he'd help in return for some alcohol. He's more of a computer guru than me (and the strange thing about that is most computer gurus are younger than I am). Other than that I plan on cleaning out my room- getting rid of shyte I don't need.

I ate lunch at the Southdale Mall. I've heard that the Southdale Mall was the first mall ever. Its nice. However, Christmas has already hit there. I'm not ready for Christmas.

Touchi never happened. I understand he is a busy man. Thats cool.

Something else happened that has been anticipated for a long long time. I received a phone call out of nowhere. Well, not exactly nowhere. Out of central Illinois. My long lost friend Orion called me. Oh my goodness- was it nice to hear from him! He sounds great. We still have tons to catch up on. I can't wait to see him.

Juston and I went out to find GTA3 Vice City. We succeeded. This game is incredible. One of the best features over the previous version is the radio stations playing in the cars that you steal. This time they're all real songs (from the '80s since thats when the game takes place- the entire game has a real Miami Vice feel to it). This is the kind of game that makes you wonder whats going to be next.

Ten - Pearl Jam
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