Monday, November 18, 2002

Busy day. We do a show here at BPTV called God's Word Brings Our Healing. Tonight the people responsible for that show held a little dinner in appreciation to all involved in the ministry. Since they do the show here, we were invited to the dinner and were applauded warmly. It was very nice.

During the day, before the banquet, we were talking about table manners and it lead to a debate about whether or not it was impolite to lick your fingers while eating ribs.

New Angels of Promise - David Bowie

Sunday, November 17, 2002

We slept in till half the day was gone. Then we procrastinated Becky getting out of MN which gained us an extra 6 hours. Yay! It was a lazy day of just goofing around. Sometimes you need that after such a busy weekend. We tried our best to ignore the Packer game.

Somebody - Depeche Mode

Saturday, November 16, 2002

I came in to load decks today while Becky slept. No fair! Poor Dacia had her hands full today here at work.

Lord Bobo held his D&D tournament today. Three games (all the same module) played at the same time all in the same house (three different DMs).

Greg organized a little dinner party for the couples of our peer group. Becky and I were running late which ended up being perfectly timed because everywhere they tried was too busy. Just so happened that the place we parked right in front of was the place we ended up having dinner at. This was to be the first time we most of us were going to meet Greg's girlfriend, Mandy. So it was Greg & Mandy, Curtis & Renate, Jason & Marusha, and Becky & me. We had a great time and a great dinner. Nice work, Greg.

After dinner, Becky and I went to explore Ground Zero. That is the place for the misunderstood. Ground Zero is probably the club that plays the coolest music in Minneapolis. You might actually hear some David Bowie there mixed in with NIN or Ramstein.

Bar time and we left Ground Zero and went right to Bobo's house to see how the tournament went. Ragin and Bobo were the only ones up and they were just hanging out. We got a quick tour of the various gaming tables. We all just kind of parked at the table down in Bobo's room, someone gathered all the alcohol in the house and we started doing nasty Phillips shots in candle light. That was fun and a bit dramatic.

Du Hast - Ramstein
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