Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Cinema Judge came in today! I have seen this bloke since September. While we edited his show we caught up with our lives. I missed him. He has a new webpage designed by our own GibsonCrash.

I am one step closer to catching up at work. A few months ago James Touchi-Peters interviewed a man who wrote a book about the subculture of professional Scrabble players for his show Plugged. That episode is finally finished. James has been working on his Conk webpage for almost a year. It should be up and running any day now. He had to stop production of Donny Crawl to work on Conk, but it sounds like he's back on for Crawl.

watch ED tonight.

the countdown begins...
10 days till Peter Gabriel comes to MN.

I listened to a band called 2nd Chapter of Acts this morning. But I think the rest of the day will be UP - Peter Gabriel.
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