Thursday, November 14, 2002

No real news on what happened in that meeting last night. All seems the same but we'll see.
Yesterday, Cinema asked if I could run his latest episodes to channel 6 downtown MPLS and I agreed to. He said he'd buy me dinner sometime. Probably at the New Century buffet. Thats fine with me. Its all you can eat chinese and they serve sushi. So today I took off and went downtown to drop them off. On the way I decided to shoot east after and go to Hubbard Broadcasting (channel 5) a pick up an employment application. As I arrived, it dawned on me that I had done this once before, 6 years ago. Then on my way to work, I thought- why not stop over at WFTC (channel 29 & 9) and get one there too. So I did.

The group who came in today to work on a show is trying to do what my brother and I have always talked about doing and tried a couple of times. A comedy show. These guys are calling theirs The Opinion. So far its pretty stupid, but at least they're doing a show. More than I can say I've done. I have done many shows, but none of them are my shows.


Don't Look Down - Lindsey Buckingham. Lastnight I played Never Going Back from Fleetwood's Rumors album for Greg because I just found the cassette (and I still don't have a computer to play CDs in) and it fired Greg up into a Buckingham kick and that got me all into it too.
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