Saturday, November 09, 2002

I work today. I stayed up too late last night stealing motorcycles and buses and driving them around on the beach. That game rules.

I'm working on a show today called Praise Break. In TV production, you have to compensate for scheduling times so today I'm working on a Christmas show. I'm not ready to work on a Christmas show. Its way too early to deal with Christmas.

I still can't believe Orion called me last night. He mentioned moving out of central Illinois and one place he was thinking was Duluth, MN. That would rule. I foresee him on future boundary water trips. He always was a bit of a hippie.

Since my computer is/was also my CD player, I am left with cassette tapes which have put me into a nostalgic kick. I'm listening to early '90s grunge again. Its not hard to slip into that with a new record from Pearl Jam in the news and all this talk about Nirvana. I forgot how good Alice In Chains: Sap was. Everytime I come across a song from that album on one of these mix tapes I get shivers all over. Good stuff.

*waves geek flag* after work today I'm committed to a game of D&D. Dungeons & Dragons ironically is a social thing. You get together with friends and play this game. Lots of joking around and laughing while you're playing. Looking forward it.

*puts geek flag away* this was one of the best chapters Wally ran. We finished up a plotline, held a huge epic Braveheart-scale battle and reaped major rewards. I learned that making player mistakes and roleplaying them is tremendous fun. By the time we were done it was Saturday.

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