Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I had to stay up late last night because I ran into an A&E biography on David Bowie.

Twin Cities was met with a surprise, this morning. The ground was white. Ok, I'm sure some people where expecting it, but I wasn't. Perhaps this is a foreshadow of things to come for the Donny Crawl shoot. Its the season for new windshield wiper fluid.

Don't forget to vote!

I finally finished BAA today. Residuals from how busy last month was. What a great relief to have them done. Its not completely done yet, actually. We will be making copies for the parents for weeks to come. Thats not so bad, though. The more we sell and make, the more money we get.

Ok, I guess it was only Bloomington that got dusted. Either way, its all gone now.

I voted. There was a supplement ballot for Wellstone's replacemondalement. There was also a whole ballot for judicial offices which I had no idea about any of them. So I didn't vote for them except for one guy named Bruce Willis, but I don't think he wasn't running against anyone else.

I went to lunch and ate listening to the manager barking out commands right behind me. Then I was listening to all the chitchat with the employees. She needs to call Jenny. Jenny probably thinks she fell off the face of the earth. Imagine if you happened to see someone fall of the face of the earth. Then my exgirlfriend's parents walked in. If they recognized me they didn't want confrontation. I was ready but not willing to initiate it. I'd much rather let it pass and run here to write about it. In the end there was no confrontation which is fine. They were really nice people, its their daughter that was the problem.

Greg has a woman now and she's making him dinner tonight.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Sunday and Slip Away - David Bowie
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