Friday, November 15, 2002

Juston thought this was Saturday.

THIS IS THE DAY!! Peter Gabriel is in town. so is Becky!

Everyone arrived at 8144 at pretty much the same time. Everyone was home, Bobo came over and Becky arrived within one 15 minute period. Everything settled down and Greg, Bobo, Becky and I took off to see Pete. We got downtown, parked and went into O'Donovan's Irish Pub to get something to eat right across from the Target Center. While we were there we ran into Dana who was also going to the concert. They serve a shepard's pie that is nothing compared to the Crosstown Deli's pie from days of old.

Doors open at 7pm and the main show started at 8pm so we figured we'd head over at 8. We got there and found ourselves in the midst of chaos. They weren't letting anyone go to their seats and it was well past opening doors time. On top of that we could hear Peter and his band practicing. What a temptation that was. During all that we ran into Jezebel. She was all fired up at the front of the line. It turns out that ticket sales were alot lower than they had expected so they were exchanging upper deck seats for mid level seats (which means if you purchased $45 dollar tickets, they were moving you to $90 seats, har har). And because of all that, the whole show started much later so we ended up seeing the opening act too.
The opening act was a band called the Blind Boys from Alabama. They were great. They started off with a song that Moby sampled on his 2nd to last album. As Minderthree described them "... listening to those guys can save your soul."
Next was a couple of guys from Tanzania. They had a very tribal act. It was pretty cool and very Gabriel to have them open.
Finaly the show.
Peter Gabriel is very theatrical. I knew this about him, yet, the Up show was full of surprises. He has been doing this for longer than I've been alive and he's still going strong. Here is a set list I came up with from the best I can remember:

  • Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel I) [Peter performs this song alone with no accompanyment and minimal lighting]
  • Red Rain (So) [the rest of the band comes on stage]
  • Darkness (Up) [during this song a giant egg came out of the lighting rig in the ceiling]
  • Secret World (Us)
  • Sky Blue (Up) [the backing vocals at the end of this song are by the Blind Boys from Alabama as they rise out of the stage]
  • Downside Up (Ovo)
  • Barry Williams Show (Up) [a pillar with a walkway comes down from the lighting rig, Peter uses a studio camera and shoots the crowd and himself with it, the video is projected on to the pillar/screen]
    - tech difficulties-
  • More than This (Up) [the egg deflates to a sphere, light is projected on to it making it appear as a ball of fire]
  • Mercy St. (So) [the ball is lit to look like a giant moon floating in the Target Center]
  • Digging in the Dirt (Us)
    -introduce the band-
  • Growing Up (Up) [the ball is lowered and uncovered to become a clear ball. it suddenly dawns on you that Pete is inside singing. during the song he is rolling it around, during the upbeat drum sequence, he bounces]
  • Animal Nation (new song)
  • Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel I) [Pete rides a bicycle around the stage]
  • Sledge Hammer (So) [Peter wears a coat covered with lights (like the end of the music video)]
  • Signal to Noise (Up) The pillar comes down and the lighting creates what appeared as blue electrical arcs flowing up to the ceiling. as this song ends one by one the band members disappear into the stage]]
    -band leaves the stage-
    -they come back for...-
  • In Your Eyes (So)
  • Come Talk to Me (Us)
    -they all leave again-
    -Peter Gabriel comes back alone-
  • Father Son (Ovo)

    [insert Peter Gabriel song here]
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