Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog's Day

Today is Groundhog's Day. I used to blame winter on that stupid groundhog when I was a kid. This is the coldest day of the year. And the coldest day I've ever driven a school bus in. Because of the cold there was a sundog today shortly after dawn.

I sold my Palm Pilot on eBay today. I also sold a book.

It was too cold to nap on the bus, so I went to Schinders and burned up some time there. Found last month's Dungeon magazine.

Flipping through radio channels, on my way home, wishing I could listen to my David Bowie CD, when all of a sudden Golden Years STARTS on KQRS! Great song. That happened earlier this week with Peter Gabriel.

Got home, had dinner and Cara flew out the door for work. Leesha and I had the evening. She went to work cleaning her room. I went on inspection. I asked what if I found something in her closet?- it was fine. What about under her bed? She had confidence that it was going to pass as well. But I said "Hey, what about this?!" and pulled out a comic book I was hiding in my pocket and threw it on the bed. She had a reaction of a little bit 'how did I miss that', 'wait... I haven't seen that before', 'hey! this must be my reward' and she flew to it and started paging through. She was well behaved. Next I had her take 5 pennies out of her bank and I went down and grabbed 5 toys from the pile of toys Cara and I get whenever she leaves toys in her pockets from the laundry. 5 pennies vs 5 toys in a Connect-Four challenge. She wins she gets a toy. I win I get a penny. She decided to walk with a tie- 3 to 3. We finished off the night with an episode of Dungeons and Dragons cartoon I downloaded.
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