Friday, February 09, 2007

Jobs, Naps and Nadia

Rob called saying to get my resume ready. There may be an entry level job available at Best Buy through Accenture.

I get to listen to the first hour of the Rush Limbaugh radio show while I get lunch and ready to go back out. Today there was a guest hosts- Mark Belling. Of Rush's guest hosts, Belling is my favorite.

Even though it was not much above zero degrees, the sun was out and made for a nice and tolerably warm bus. My nap was, perhaps, the best one this week.

The first window on the passenger side of the bus always falls down. Always has since the first day of school. And now with the extreme cold, it's worse. Worse in the worst way- since it's so cold out! Today I finally taped it closed with my duct-tape. Done and done.

Cara ate and went off to work (which I didn't even know she had to do), so it was just Leesha and me tonight.

We finished the Nadia: Secret of Blue Water movie which was really disappointing. The show was SO much better.

After that, Leesha and I watched the first two episodes of Haibane Renmei. This is one of the highest quality anime I've seen. It pleases me to see Leesha recognize quality anime, as well. I think Rob would like this show if he could only get past the fact that is a 'Japanese cartoon' because its a bit of a Limbo or Purgatory story.
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