Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Man in Black Fled Across the Desert, and the Gunslinger Followed

An accident on 94 over the radio caused me to take a different route to my first stop today. Got there with 3 minutes to spare. I took Jackson street all the way downtown, cut over to Robert and all the way up the hill across the river.

Best comic I've read yet this year- in a few years, actually. Dark Tower is based on Stephen King's Gunslinger series. Amazing comic. The novels (which I've only read the first 3 of 7) are incredible and often called King's magnum opus. There are threads throughout the series that, in small ways, tie into almost every single other novel King has written. The series most clearly ties in with The Stand as the Man in Black is the antagonist in both the Dark Tower and The Stand. Reading the comic caused my hands to sweat and my heart to race a bit. Best comic I've read in years.

I had a guy do an evaluation and ride with me on the Wellstone route this afternoon- rather unannounced and suddenly. The guy's name was Steve. He displaced Davyon's regular seat so Davyon sat one seat back, in the 2nd row. Through out the ride Steve started chatting with Davyon and what was really interesting was Davyon was on the defensive right off the bat. And Steve kept pushing! Davyon was getting really upset, started dragging everyone else down including me, saying I wasn't so innocent on the bus. It was very strange.

Glenn Beck had an amazing guest. Ayaan Hirsi Ali may have become one of my heroes tonight. Her stance against Islam has made it so clear to me how the thought of opposition to Islam being politically incorrect is completely ironic. Islam may very well be the most politically incorrect set of beliefs and traditions on this planet, currently. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a death sentence for saying the things she says.

Cara's mom was over when I got home. David is out of town for two weeks (he booked a flight on some other web page).

LOST resumed tonight, but since we don't have good reception and Cara's mom was here we didn't watch it. I did manage to start downloading the episode before going to bed.
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