Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Day I Finally Ate and LOST

There wasn't any cereal left this morning, so I finished off the banana bread and had a banana. Wasn't as much food as I'm used to having. By the time I got home I was starving. Sat down to check email and before I know it I'm called in to take bus from home to base to change a tiny light bulb. Aaarg!

So I drive the bus back. They said I'd be back out in five minutes. I was back out in about 55 minutes, on my way to the noon route and no food in me. AAarrg!

As soon as I was finished with the noon route I went to Wendy's and slorked down some fast food.

The sun was fully out today which made for a comfortable nap shortly after filling my belly.

Leesha was pushing the line tonight. Cara said she was doing so over at Grandma Darlene's house, as well. I think she's looking for a fight to define a boundary, because every time this happens, she will make scene about something and it will boil over and she'll get in trouble. But after that everything is great- because she now sees the boundary. Kids are strange. Cara wasn't helping this situation. She was giving in to Leesha's stupid demands. Cara sometimes lacks that resolve in the afternoon before she has food in her.

After Leesha went to sleep we watched the brand new episode of LOST that aired last night. Its amazing that one can miss a show, download it, burn it on a disk and watch it the next day. Its wide screen and NO COMMERCIALS! Its pretty much better than watching it on TV. Very cool episode. Resolved some things. I just have no memory of how Sawyer knew Alex's boyfriend's name was Carl.

I finally got our small group debriefing out. Next week we're not studying. We're all going out for dinner at Buca's in St. Paul.
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