Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leesha, Catan and 2006

Cara asked that I make breakfast today, which threw me off at first, but OK. I made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, ham, cheese and black olives. This sent Leesha into the biggest fit I've seen her in since she turned nine. She made an absolute fool of herself over stupid olives! Much of it was due to her being hungry and some of it was because Cara was rather emotional and that made Leesha a bit uncomfortable.

Listening to Sir Paul Vol. 1&2 from my brother. I'm enjoying the 2nd disk of Paul McCartney much more. I still keep coming back to the conclusion that Bowie is much more unique than McCartney. The reason for the comparison is I've been working on a two volume mix of Bowie for him.

Cara defeated Leesha and I at a nice regular game of Settlers of Catan.

Today, Cara asked me to help her with our family newsletter. I played around with the layout and added pictures. It occurred to me that this newsletter pretty much covers a segment of time that this blog is missing. So here it is:

We thought it might be nice to share some highlights from our lives since we got married, so here goes-

JUNE 2005

  • The 11th - Our Wedding Day!

  • It was wonderful! The rain started as we were wrapping up pictures and stopped before our reception at the park.

  • Cara's brother and sister were both able to come with their families for the event as well as her parents.

  • The 12th - After our gift opening (when our nephew Nathaniel got a nice gash on the back of head from the proverbial coffee table incident), we headed over to Little Wood Lake, WI to Cara's Aunt and Uncle's cabin for a week of relaxation. Caryn and her family came up with Leesha for the last day.


  • Lots of time with Cara's family.

  • Lots of adjusting to married life – like Jeffry's human being nature vs. Cara's human doing nature, her desire for “us” time vs. his desire for “me” time, as well as the organized person and the not-so-organized person dilemma. But we think we've figured it out at this point.

  • August – our friends Rob (Jeffry's former roommate and landlord) and Laura got married.


  • We bought the newest car either of us has ever owned (mile-wise), a Honda CRV.

  • Hosted a Couple's Shower for our friends Eric and Keesha.

  • Spent time with some former Rosslyn-ites (Cara's old High School).


  • Saw Serenity!

  • Time with family, including a trip to Missouri where we visited the City Museum (we highly recommend visiting it if you've got the chance).

  • Eric and Keesha's wedding.


  • Thanksgiving with friends!

  • Leesha's concert at the Mall of America and Craig and family return to Kenya – both on the same day.


  • Cara ran out of gas in the new car!

  • Saw Narnia!

  • KSTP party and a night at the Hilton where Cara proceeded to get a terrible cold.

  • Time with family – on both sides.


  • Jeffry's sleep study and diagnosis for Sleep Apnea. Just try and take the CPAP away from him!

  • Jeffry played broomball when it was super cold out, or didn't get to play due to lack of ice (thanks to Global Warming).

  • Cara ran out of gas again!

  • Leesha turned 8.


  • Got to watch our dog-phews Cogswell and Eddy.

  • Played Settlers of Catan with friends.

  • Kitchen sink at mom and dad's found to be malfunctioning resulting in a sopping wet mattress in the basement.

  • Leesha had an accident at school and broke off about 1/3 of one of her front teeth.


  • Leesha got a snow day!


  • Jeffry and Cara went on a date to see Triple Espresso (another recommendation).

  • Spring Break – Cara and Jeffry took an afternoon trip to Stillwater, MN and test drove a Wrangler.

  • Celebrated Easter with friends.

  • The 26th - We had a showing at the first house we could actually “afford” and decided to sign the purchase agreement that night.


  • We took classes on homeownership, etc.

  • A visit from Jeffry's parents!


  • Mortgage application (ugh!)

  • 1 year anniversary!

  • The 15th – learned that we got the house!

  • The 23rd – we closed on said house.


  • Visit to a cabin in WI with friends – more Settlers, lots of food and fun.

  • Painted, cleaned, packed and finally moved.

  • Rob and Laura celebrated Oliver's birth (6 weeks early) and on our way to visit them, we got a call from Cara's friend to come get their dog since their baby was on the way!

  • Dog-sat Sadie! (a highlight anytime)

  • Cara turned 31.

  • Fridge in new house died.


  • Visit from Cara's mom!

  • New fridge arrived! And later, new furniture!

  • Jeffry trained to be a bus driver.


  • Jeffry turned 32.

  • Went to the Bluegrass Festival.

  • Leesha started 3rd grade at North Heights Christian Academy.

  • Cara mowed a lawn for the first time in her life.

  • Leesha got her first ear infection.

  • Mini-reunion with friends from Eagle River, WI (where Jeffry grew up)


  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Got more settled in to work, new house, new job, etc.

  • Visit from Jeffry's parents.

  • Halloween party.

  • Started the approximately 280-day venture towards becoming parents.


  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Visit from Cara's friend Anu.

  • Thanksgiving with friends again!

  • Leesha's dad Jeremy got married.


  • Jeffry told his parents they'd be grandparents again!

  • Leesha performed in the school musical.

  • Leesha got a bad abrasion on her knee. Due to Cara's failure to park the CRV appropriately, it rolled back down the driveway and into the neighbors yard. When it hit the curb, Leesha, who had been getting out of the car before it started to roll, was jostled out of the vehicle, but thank God for making the car stop before the tires rolled over her.

  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Leesha got to ride along on the school bus with Jeffry

    one day.

  • Time with Jeffry's family.

  • "Whoever is in here will make you a big sister"

    Christmas morning - Leesha learned she is going to be a big sister.

  • Vacation for all of us from work and school.


  • Cara's parents return from 36 years in Africa and hear that they're going to be grandparents again!

  • Time with Cara's parents

  • Leesha turned 9.

We finished watching Rob's movie Fearless (which he thought was one of the best movies of it's kind he's seen or something like that). It was ok, but I thought Hero was much better. After that we watched an episode of Doctor Who and then Saturday Night Live.
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