Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It snowed today. Made for an interesting morning taking kids to school. I managed my routes very well, I must say. Felt good to do well. Worst case I was about 7 minutes late to each school.

I got around to posting some photography on Deviantart.com. We don't have to start our buses every 30 minutes like yesterday- thank God. That was quite irritating.

Saw a guy walking a big Great Dane. The Dane barked at me once. Good boy.

The fortune on the roads continued this afternoon. All went very well as compared to others according to what I heard over our CB radio. However, it seemed like all the stop lights on University Ave were extra long. I happen to cross University several times which really slowed us down.

Small Group - Matthew 25. Jankovich's didn't make it to group tonight because Laura and Oliver weren't feeling well. I was going to suggest that they not come, anyways, because of the road conditions. It was a good night for study. Matthew chapter 25 is completely red text- 100% words of Jesus.

After group Eric had me burn a couple of episodes of Blake's 7 season 2 for him. I love that show. I hope that the recent revival of Doctor Who kick starts a new Blake's 7 series.

On my way into work today, I heard Tom Barnard of the KQ Morning Show introduce Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf. This song has no place on KQRS. I love Duran Duran deeply- my favorite band for many many years, but I don't listen to KQ expecting to hear that. When did this start? Is KQ moving in a new direction? Will I hear Peter Gabriel on it? Threw me for a loop.
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