Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Better Bus and No Boundary

Sub bus, but not the one from yesterday. Bus 46. This one was almost impossible to steer. After it warmed up it was manageable. The seat was better than yesterday's bus, but it still wasn't as good as my regular bus- 192.

Cara was home when I got home. Left almost right away.

My honey made Valentine's kringle!

I was waylayed on the way home. Just north of St. Paul south-bound traffic on 35E was backed up to a complete stop. So I parked. Sat there for about 20 minutes. All traffic was stopped on the other side as well. There were no cars moving at all on 35E. Two firetrucks came squeezing through on our side, we could see another firetruck maneuvering on the other side. 20 minutes later, traffic moves again. I was expecting to see a huge crash or something, but there was nothing. Not a single hint as to what caused this.

Leesha was in bed by the time I got home. Cara said she was a pill when she was picked up from Grandma's. Grandma give Leesha vast amounts of choice. Leesha doesn't know it, but she really wants boundaries.

Unable to watch LOST again because of reception. We'll download it. It'll be clear, letterboxed and minus commercials.

I couldn't find any report on any of the local news websites as to what caused that traffic delay.
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