Thursday, February 01, 2007

5, Ariel and Trash

I had to return to base with the bus, this morning, because a headlight was out. It took 10 minutes to replace. I was still a little pissed (that time at home means more to me than I realized). So, as soon as they were done, I took bus to channel 5 to say hi. Saw Jason, Seth, Danno, Hammer, Trish, Swifty, Vineeta, Pickett, Patrick, Terry, Tommy, Jim, Kevin, Schmity, few of the producer girls- Becky, Allison, Amanda. Everyone was excited to hear about Bopper. Nothing changes in that place- except for the faces. Didn't get to see Monica.

I wasn't able to come home for lunch, so I ate McDonald's.

I did get to nap today, but I had to keep the bus idling.

Super hungry when I got home.

Sorting through my email very quickly, it looks like I got in trouble with YTB because of eBay. I also got an email from eBay and thought I was in trouble on eBay because of YTB, but ended up being a phishing scam (thank God I didn't click on the link!). Strange timing on that one.

Felt like as soon as I got home we ate. As soon as that was done I was out of the house again.

Went to Mike's for a couple episodes of Firefly. Mike's house is great. Totally a bachelor house. The place is a shrine to Mike's past. All Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Dodge classic cars decor. I clearly see what he means when he talks about always working on the house. There is much much more work to do on it, but its a good house to start with. He has a nice yard all fenced in for a dog. We watched the Firefly episodes: Ariel and Trash. Fantastic show. It was fun, I'd like to do it again sometime.

feels like the day is slipping away from my memory
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