Monday, February 05, 2007


-14 degrees today. What this means is while I'm parked out at home with the bus every 12 hour I have to go out and start the bus and let it run for 10 minutes. Not as much fun as not doing that.

On the way in to work my Jeep didn't warm up at all. That's not normal.

Had to do a load count for the Wellstone Route. Bad day to have me count the students, quite possibly the lowest total number of students I've ever hauled.

No one was home when I arrived tonight. Kind of had me worried for a minute. Leesha had to go strait to bed as soon as they did get home, which was very shortly after I did. She kept getting up out of bed to 'go to the bathroom' (testing boundaries is what she was really up to, stalling going to bed). Had me thinking of guidelines for Grounding.
  • No iPod
  • No Gameboy
  • No Radio Disney
  • No Friends house or Friends over
  • one week duration- if she does something that would cause her to be grounded while she is already grounded, add one day to the duration.
  • Duration = 1 week.
Cara thought this was a bit steep. Then I thought
  • 1st offense = 3 days
  • 2nd offence = 5 days
  • 3rd = one week
  • adding a day beyond the one week
Watched a South Park episode dealing with the Nentendo WII and Atheism. Fantastic stuff. Also watched an episode of Torchwood. Interesting episode. Kind of slow.
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