Sunday, September 26, 2004

So I haven't posted for a few days.

Yesterday I bought a new bike and was immediately called into work for breaking news. I was the first one to arrive in response to the pager. Cara had to hang out while I got the studio and control room up and running. The regularly scheduled crew came in so we left. My bike is awesome. Its a large Raleigh mountain hardtrail with bar ends and a water bottle mount.

I woke up around 3:30 this morning for work. Today was the first Viking Game Day shot live from the Metrodome. Its always a bit crazy out there because you have tons of people who are trying to get into the game and half of them are filled with alcohol. Then we have former Vikings on as quests. Today's guests were Boomer Brown and Robert Smith and... Burt Reynolds!!?? What? Why? Who knows, but he was there, on the set. The best part was we were referring to him as Turd Ferguson over the headsets while we were trying to figure out where to put him in the show. So as I'm standing right next to Burt, Dave the director says- as plain as day, "So, we're replacing Q&A with Turd Ferguson?" I had to laugh. How surreal was that? The show went alright. Somewhere in the middle of the show I saw Terri Huml in the crowd. She was a board member at Bloomington Public Television when I worked there. She was also the Vice President of Advertising for the Vikings at the time. Not sure what she is to them now or why she was there, but it wasn't a surprise that she was there. We got out of there sometime between 1 and 1:30.

After Turd, I went home and rested for a bit. Then Bobo, Laura, Eric, Cara and I went to Shaun of the Dead. Very fun movie. Cara had to run as soon as we got home. Eric hung out and we watched some internet movies. He had not seen Troops before. Then he left and I updated my blog.

music - Thursdays Child - David Bowie (even though its Sunday)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

For each of the shows that are produced throughout a day during the week there are usually certain directors that do those shows. This week, it seems that all the directors were shaken up and everyone is doing everyone else's show. It is kind of refreshing. Its a chance to work with directors you don't usually get to.

So, since the fair has ended and the couple of weeks after that all crescendoed into the At Issue/Town Hall Meeting Friday, everything has leveled off. Things sort of resemble regular schedules again. Working at the pace for the last few weeks was stressful. I wasn't able to do anything with my decko training and the momentum I had with that has faded. I'm grateful that the intensity of those weeks is over, but I'm left with a sense of left over ambition. Today I had a bug to pursue training as a technical director. That has been the nudging of my managers ever since I've been hired, but sitting at the switcher is very scary and by the end of the day I was questioning that ambition bug again. But I did ask to borrow the tech manual to get a basic foundation and a direction to start with understanding this piece of equipment.

There were more interviews with people about David Fraunshuh. Today we had Stanley Hubbard, himself, as one of the people speaking about him. Its kind of funny working with the guy that ultimately owns you.

This evening we had our 'Harry Potter' gaming session with Pat, Paul, Erik, and Bobo and I. These usually start off as "here we go again..."- not real excited, but by the end of the night, I find it has been an enjoyable gaming experience for the most part. Pat is very good at running NPCs with lots of variety in character. I believe the campaign has been going on for about a year and a half. We shall see how long this game lasts.

music - Cookin' Mid-County and Animal in Every Corner - Danielson (come on, pack it up. lets get out of here. come on...)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today was rather cool. We had a Gold Star project. A gold star project is like in the movie Hudsucker Proxy when they had a Blue Letter- A Blue Letter! That's a message from the top floor, everyone out of the way!!! Gold Star is a project directly from the Hubbards. This is just single shot, one person interviews with people all talking about a guy named David Frauenshuh. Three people came it today be interviewed and from what they said about him, I'd really like to meet him. The testimonies of these people made David sound like the closest thing to a saint we could have. Described as-"the kind of guy you couldn't wait to hang out with again." "Can't wait till next time I get to see him." "Wonderful member of my bible study and a great man of God". Sounds like someone who would be a great role model. From what I understand, he is a real estate developer and owns half of St.Paul. Kind of cool.

Our bible study was tonight and I thought it went really well. Again with the question system where everyone submits a couple of questions and we pick them from a bowl as been a really really great way to get people involved with discussion. This group has come alive once again (and maybe more than it has ever been). We are finding that there is a very divers dynamic in the group and its turning out very fulfilling for me.

music - Brother Danielson

Monday, September 20, 2004

This felt like an ordinary day. There appears to be a sort of relief this whole week. Aside from having the Town Hall Meeting last week, that in itself is a relief, a certain co-worker is not present. We all have a week to prepare for their return- which was rough last time they had a week off. Its like they need to make up for the time away or something. Well, enough about that. I have a whole week of not having to talk about it.

I had my physical tonight after work. Everything turned out alright, I guess. While I was in Kenya, Cara's dad (who is a doctor) determined that my heart rate was too high and everyone was worried. Well, the doctor today said there wasn't a problem with my heart rate at all. So there!

When I got home, there were people gaming upstairs- so I watched MillenniuM. Oh, man, this show is awesome. The episode that I watched last nigh was quite a turning point in the first season. The show accelerates from this point on to the season finale. I love this show.

music - Who Killed Tangerine? - Tears for Fears
btw, I found out that the first track on that album isn't called Wake Up, its actually the title track - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, so yesterday's music is erronious

Sunday, September 19, 2004

This entry marks one week of new updates.

This morning, I let the boys out and went off to go pick up Cara. We went to church. Its kind of strange that Boyd was gone for so long and returned last week only to take this week off again. We had Sandra Unger and Paul Eddie as speakers today and thats just as good (maybe sometimes better than) as Greg. There was a Get-Involved-With-Your-Church kind of fair in the main entrance after the service and I had been asked to hang out and answer any questions about FOCUS since most of the focus folks (would that be folkus?) were at the focus retreat this weekend. So we hung out for a while.

After we left, we met Melony, Cara's cousin, for lunch. She's cool and we had a good time. Melony works at the MN Zoo so she was giving us updates on Henry, the Zoo's newest baby monkey. After that we went back to the Willis' to pick up my stuff and be sure that Greg and Mandy got back ok for the Nice Guys. They were back and everyone was fine- Eddy snorted a couple of times and looked at me sideways- but he always does that.

Dropped Cara off at her house and that was pretty much the last of my energy. I was getting ready to leave when Jeremy arrived to drop off Leesha. Found something Jeremy and I can connect about- STAR WARS. Its the universal language. Went home and watched some MillenniuM, did some bills. Called mum n dad. Typed this. and went to bed.

music - Wake Up by Tears for Fears (thanks Greg and Perry) and Twin Peaks sound track (while I updated my blog)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Slept in today. Got up all slowly, Bobo made some quiche and we watched some Invader Zim. Then we went off to the theater for a noon showing of Hero. Hero is a film, not a movie. Made for film sake, not for money sake. I enjoyed it a lot. This was the kind of situation where I was like "eh, sure, I'll see it". Not all that excited, and then it turns out to be a beautiful film. The use of color is what really made it stand out. After the movie, I made my way off to Greg and Mandy's house to dog sit the Nice Guys. We played Chess on their PS2 and then Cara came by. We went to dinner, came back and watched Firefly. It was a nice relaxing day, for once.
After Cara left, I went to bed at my brother and sister-in-law's house.

music - the new Danielson album! (thanks Greg)

Friday, September 17, 2004

This was one very very work intensive day. I went in early to help with an early taping of At Issue. We did most of the show from when I got to work up until Midday. After Midday we finished At Issue and went right into a Town Hall Meeting show which was had some big statesmen in it so there was more pressure than usual. The day went very fast and I didn't have full sleep lastnight on account of the concert. But all went well. I got to see Gregums. He dropped by to give me a key to his house so I can let the Nice Guys out, tomorrow. While Greg was at work Perry played us the new Tears for Fears- sounds like ELO/10cc/McCartney all in one! Then we listened to some Danielson!

After work I was completely zombified. I got me some food and watched an amazing episode of MillenniuM. This show still amazes me. Then, I got on my computer and hacked out a color scheme and a donation option on the message board. I also got the bible study debriefing out and posted the first of many items Bobo has commissioned me to sell on eBay. Quite productive for being brain dead.

It seems like a long time since I've seen Cara.

music - Twin Peaks and Strait Story soundtrack (in other words, an Angelo Badalamenti day)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

So I got to sleep in a little today. Its Viking Game Day at the Mall of America. The show didn't go very smoothly today. It was our 2nd show and the 1st one went so well. I guess it just wasn't our time. Production starts at noon and the show tapes at 6:30 and usually ends around 9:30pm or so, but today I got out of there early because...

Scissor Sisters concert tonight!! There were actually a lot of people from work there. 7 of us total. I'll have a roster once I know how to spell everyone's names. But here is the set list:
  • Take Your Mama Out
  • Better Luck Next Time
  • Tits on the Radio
  • Skin song (didn't recognize this one)
  • Magnum Beat song (or this one)
  • Lick song (not this one, either)
  • Laura
  • Mary
  • Comfortably Numb (this was great because they would hit a guitar rif and kick out the rhythm from Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell- that was a nice touch)
  • Filthy/Gorgeous
  • The Return to Oz


  • Can't Come Quickly Enough
  • Music is the Victim

One thing- the Scissor Sisters are very chatty. We were often yelling back at the stage "No more talking! Next song please!" Another thing was, the lead singer was quite a sweetpants. Whoa! Therefore, so was 50% of the audience. The show felt sort of short, which was ok, because it didn't start until 11pm [sarcasm]good thing I left work early[/sarcasm] d'oh! so off to bed for some rest so I can be effective for hell day :)

music- hmm, I guess it'd have to be... Scissor Sisters

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I was tired this morning. It was raining and traffic was slower than usual, but I listened to OVO by Peter Gabriel so traffic was fine for me.

I caught one of my co-workers in a blatant lie today. It disturbed me more than it should've. Not sure why, maybe its something like an evaluation of that person's word, thats bothering me. It was over whether or noth they turned off their headset when they leave- so not a big deal at all, but their will to not be wrong was so strong that it kind of made me wonder what it would be like with a more serious situation. Now that its much later in the day/evening, it bothers me not.

Right after work- rush home for its game night with the boys. Tonight was John's game, which we haven't played for like a month. It was pretty fun getting back into it inspite of having my character almost get eaten by a red dragon. After the game, I found that everyone tried calling me today. I had four messages saved. This is the worst week for anyone trying to get ahold of me. There isn't a night that I'd be home or not busy before 10pm. Bobo and I went for a walk around our neighborhood talking about our ladies and about the game. We found our way down to the lake and layed down on the dock. It was such a beautiful night. I'm totally ready for fall.

OVO - Peter Gabriel (amazing)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Work was fine today. We had a tour come in, which hasn't happened for a long time because of the fair. It was a group of seniors and they're way more receptive and fun to talk to than kids are. Everyone in the production night crew is getting sick. This is bad because we all touch the same cameras and wear the same headsets. I will not get sick.
There was a panel of ladies taking calls all day informing people where to vote in their districts. I found where I'm supposed to vote now, here, in Fridley.

6180 Hwy 65...

Since starting this web log up again, I needed someone to read it. I figured people would find it eventually even though its not advertised- it is available to those who look for it. Anyway, I called my brother, Greg, and told him to check it out. He did. Not even 5 minutes after I got off the phone with him, my co-worker called down to the PA area with a comment about one of the past couple of day's posts! Obviously finding it on his own. Strange how things work like that.

Tonight was good. We had a very good bible study. A couple, who usually doesn't go, was there tonight and we started a new and different questions system for the chapter (which was Romans chapter 1, btw). The system we implemented has everyone writing their own questions and bringing them to the group (tearing them into strips and once there, mixing the strips into a big bowl- thus, the question salad). So we would pass the question salad around. Someone would pull one of the question strips out and read it and we'd all discuss. It worked wonderfully. Definitely going to use that method again.

Back at the homebase, Bobo and I got into a good conversation about Catholicism and Protestantism which kind of ended in an analyze what denomination Jeffry is. Turns out I'm some sort of baptist.

reprise of The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (had to, it was raining on the way home- perfect Floyd weather)

Monday, September 13, 2004

This was pretty much a regular day at work. I little too much exposure to one particular co-worker who tends to be draining on EVERYONE who works with them, but other than that, not too bad. It's the evenings that are going to be the killer of the week. I have something going on every single night this week Tonight was Supperhuddle (see below), tomorrow night is bible study (see below), Wednesday night is game night, Thursday nignt is Viking Game Day at the Mall of America THEN Scissor Sisters at Fine Line! All that and Friday. I dread Friday this week. It looks like the production department's every spare moment has been committed starting from the very beginning of my shift right up to the end of it. If we have breaking news happen at all on Friday, there will be a bad domino effect that may cause a lot of productions to not get finished.

Tonight, Cara and I went to church to attend the Superhuddle, which is the small group leaders meeting and did some fellowshipping with others. It looks like our group no longer has a coach and all other groups that shared our coach are coachless as well. We'll have to see who falls into that role and if the relationship will be different than it was with our last coach.

Packers played tonight. At the time of writing this it looked pretty certain that they'd win. I imagine Greg and dad were watching the game. Tomorrow is kind of the first bible study with the new members. We're starting Romans and we're trying a new method with questions. Tune in tomorrow night for how that goes...

The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (perfect weather for it, too. lots of wind and lightning on the horizon)
Shooting for Ike was pretty fun. I had to tweak every single creative shot I could come up with since it was a limited stage and not so much light. Upon getting home I did some more tweaking with the web page- made it match my room's color. Cobra colors thanks to Cara for painting my room so. Its good colors to go by.

Bobo and I had a nice long talk out on the back steps. It was a good talk because it went much longer than we realized. I'm writing this in Sunday's tense but it will be posted on Monday. Tonight (Monday) there is a Superhuddle which what Woodland Hills calls the small group leader's meeting. It should be fun. It seems like forever since we've had one. Our group has changed a whole lot since the last meeting.

This was a good day. I felt spiritually recharged.

The Lucky One - Alison Krauss

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I have my blog up and running again. Its 4pm and I am to help Ike with some video taping of Life Challenge which is a Woodland Hills youth program. My plan was to go home after eating out after church and get my web log up again and it looks like I have achieved my goal. This marks the day that Greg Boyd returned to church and it was about as subtle as one could hope it would've been. He did get a standing ovation type of return (which I expected and was hoping wouldn't happen). The message Greg had was full of truth and it was nice to have him back.

been listening to Alison Krauss
testing, testing, one two three


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