Monday, January 29, 2007

World of Warcraft and Don't Puke on the Bus, Please

There were changes on both routes today adding students (and time) to each. Yet, neither of the new students were there when we went to pick them up.

Its cold, however, very pleasent, today. I don't know if its lower humidity, higher humidity or what but something is different and its great.

The first pick up for Wellstone used to be Dah, her brother- Boqua, and their cousin. Today it was only Boqua and he returned my CS Lewis Prince Caspian CDs.

When I returned home I watched South Park episode about World of Warcraft that I had been downloading lastnight. WOW is an online computer roleplaying game. You make a character, pay a monthly subscription and play. Everyone you encounter in the game is someone else also playing the game. I've heard its pretty cool. Anyway, this episode of South Park was probably almost half produced using computer graphics from the actual game. It pointed out how people who have no life are obsessed with this game. "How do you kill something that has no life?" "Gentlemen, this may mean the end of the world... of Warcraft". Again, South Park hits a home run when it comes to truth.

The Wellstone route home, today, Boqua was walked out to the bus by a teacher. She informed me that he vomited about 10 minutes earlier and may need to use the bus' bucket. Great. I see, now, why no one else was at his bus stop. Boqua is the very last student to be dropped off. I figured I'd just run the route backwards, run it the same way I do when picking the students up for school. See, the last students picked up in the morning are the first ones dropped off in the afternoon. In the end, Boqua made it home without a problem. I suspect this is why Dah and her cousin weren't on the bus this morning. And I don't expect any of them tomorrow.

There were only three students on the after-school route. That made things easy.

Rob called to chat because he was on call till after midnight and was bored. We chatted for a while till I went to bed.
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