Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gameboys, Playstations and RPGs

A few days after Christmas vacation ended my buddy, Dequan, from the elementary school route lost his Gameboy. It seemed like another kid on the bus, Carry, stole it. Dequan always is getting in trouble. He seems like he is starved for attention and how he goes about getting attention puts him on opposing sides with most people. So he's always getting in fights or pissing people off.

Today I put some pressure on Carry about the Gameboy. Carry brought it on the bus for some reason. I told him it seemed very much like he had Dequan's Gameboy and that if it was Dequans, that he ought to give it back to avoid serious problems. He claimed he got it at GameStop, but in the end he did give the Gameboy to Dequan (which yields his guilt). I had him stay on the bus after everyone got off to tell him I thought he made the right choice. He still stuck to his story that he just bought the Gameboy, but wanted to give it to Dequan anyways.

Carry looks just like the kid from Christmas Story

On my activity route (activity routes are for kids who stay after school for whatever reason) there is a boy named Victor who has made it clear since I started on the route that he doesn't like me. Tonight, I think I won him over. It started by me asking if he had a Playstation or an XBox. He has a Playstation II. Asked him what was his favorite game. Star Wars.
All I had to do was set the hook.
All the way home we talked about it. He even moved from mid-bus to right behind my seat. Thank you, Mr. Lucas.

I got a Christmas gift from Cara's folks. Well, they asked what I wanted and bought it for me. Anyway, I added to my growing Eberron book collection with Sharn: City of Towers book which came with an Eberron soundtrack. I guess where ever Darlene bought it had to order it and she got it today. These books are very high quality. Thank you Sorleys. (note* this book is different than the novel I posted about on the 21st. It is about the same place, however this book is a resource about Sharn, the other book - just City of Towers, is a novel that takes place there)

Last day of work for the week, tomorrow for we have Friday off!
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