Friday, January 26, 2007

Day off

Time to get over this cold. Did laundry, posted some comics on eBay and caught up with some other stuff. Listened to a lot of Bowie, read OOTS.

In the mail, today, we got a package from Willis West (Greg's household). It's a DVD presentation of photos from Christmas. Greg produced this complete with a Star Wars text crawl + John William's music and photo montage with music including Chuck Mangione. What a great gift. Thank you, my brother.

Our house was full of relatives celebrating Leesha's and David's birthdays. We had Delane and Ron, Rubin and Donna, David and Darlene, and Cara, Leesha and me all for dinner in our living room. It was a very nice time. I gave Leesha her Gameboy. She was thrilled to get it.
It was a nice time. However, my cold peaked around this time and I was struggling to maintain the energy to be social.

Tomorrow, Rob is DMing a new game.
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