Monday, January 22, 2007

Boring Morning, Busy Night

Humdrum morning. Dah almost didn't say a word all the way to school and she slept on the way back. I think something's wrong with her.

Busy night.
After work I gave a guy a ride to a bus stop. As soon as we leave he tells me that the bus already left the spot he wanted me to drop in off at. So we ended up behind it, pursuing it to its next stop. A ways off my course home. Oh well.
Next I picked up a couple of things for Leesha's birthday present. Her gift from me is a Gameboy Color. I was going to find one for sale and was talking about it on the bus before Christmas break when one of the kids on the Middle School route said he'd just give me one of his. And he did! So, tonight I picked up a couple of games for it. We shall see how well she likes the Gameboy and how well she takes care of it.
Then I stopped to get some shipping supplies for eBay sales. It was almost 9pm when I got home.
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