Sunday, July 17, 2011


I found myself between audiobooks and looking for something to listen to quickly. The first CD that came to my hand was Pearl Jam Ten. It's been a long time since I gave the album a good listen. Sadly it's lost a lot of the magic it held for me back in 1992. And it held a lot of magic for me then. It's angry tone meshed well with my angsty high school dramas (which weren't that many, really). To me this was THE ALBUM of the Seattle music scene. And I loved every moment of the CD. My music interest has come a long way from those days. Now the album is rather dull- not interesting enough. I have a much more critical ear for production and Ten's production level seemed standard, not too creative. I'd like to know what my opinion would be if I could somehow listen to Ten for the first time now. Or is it's place in my history an inseparable part of my music opinion and interest now? This I do not know.

Pearl Jam's predecessor, Mother Love Bone, is the better band in my opinion. The music was more interesting and had an element of humor that Pearl Jam lacked. Mother Love Bone was essentially a '70s glam rock band in the '90s and this is probably why I like them better. Pearl Jam took themselves too seriously, at least for the debut album. I dismissed all albums by Pearl Jam after this one as I was moving on in my music interest and they were not living up to what Ten was to me. It's clear now that this was no fault of theirs and entirely mine. To which I conclude that I ought to give the rest of Pearl Jam's catalog another try.
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