Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Very Long Day

We had a Safety Meeting which means I don't get to go home in the morning. Bummer. Makes the day long. In the meeting they used my accident from the beginning of the year. Changed some of the details (or got them incorrect) but made it anonymous. The lady giving the talk said "It was a first year driver mistake, but they're still with us and doing a VERY GOOD job even today." After the meeting, she said she hoped I didn't mind that they used my accident- of course I didn't mind. I told her that I appreciated what she said at the end. They like me.

My activity route (that means after school stuff) was drastically changed. They removed over half of my students to add two different ones. These two new girls are alarmingly well behaved. Not sure how this bit of fortune fell on me, but I thank God for it.

And now for what made my day REALLY long:

Last night Laura Beth's car died before small group- way over by University Ave and 694!. We got things moving FAST - within 15 minutes, Jon and Lara were on the scene. They took care of the car best they could and brought her all the way to our house with them. After small group, Eric, Jon and Lara went with Laura Beth. They managed to get her car home with her. But the car wasn't fixed.

Today they determined that the car was going to need some major repair. Laura Beth needed a car. Eric suggested she take the Mazda sitting in our driveway (the one we're trying to sell). However, she doesn't know how to drive clutch AND the Mazda isn't very safe brake-wise. So it was decided that she'll take our Honda CRV. So Almost as soon as I got home tonight, I went out again with the Honda. I found her house and had her take me to Cara's parents house (from there I'd go home in Darlene's car since Darlene was out of town and didn't need it). So between Laura Beth's house and Cara's parents, I gave Laura Beth a crash course (pardon the pun) on how to drive a clutch. I was getting nervous because I could smell the clutch burn as she was getting (or not getting) the hang of it. She managed with difficulty.

Prayer started out as - "let us not have to spend much money"- this prayer didn't feel good. Felt wrong.
Changed to - "what ever your will, Lord. If car is totalled, so be it. you will provide."
felt great about that version!
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