Saturday, August 09, 2003

Aug 9, 2003 - 1:15 pm:

I hooked up my cable downstairs. I haven't done this since the first week I moved in to 8034. Things have changed on TV in the two months I haven't watched- I seem to remember MST3K was on Sci-Fi on Saturday mornings. not so anymore. Instead I watched the Actor Studio with Stockard Channing as the guest. They featured a more recent film co-starring Julia Stiles- The Business of Strangers. I think I'd like to see this film. I really like both of those actors.

She said something very cool in the interview. Her reference was for films, but this can apply to anything. It was that when looking for a job there are 3 reasons people choose one job over another.

  1. money
  2. further one's career
  3. learn something

if you can find 2 out of 3, why not take it!? I think thats wise.

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