Friday, March 17, 2017

Obsessed with Sia lately

This obsession started from catching the music video for The Greatest which lead to Elastic Heart and the young dancer's performance was familiar for some reason; a reason that wouldn't leave.

Getting into the music of Sia, who did both songs of the videos, was not hard. She's an amazing writer. And that she has quite a career writing for others is also wonderful. Artists like her should be respected.

It was digging further when I discovered that the choreographer of the music videos that feature Maddie Ziegler is a guy named Ryan Heffington. The reason his work stuck with me is because he is the same guy who choreographed the 'movements' in the wondrous Netflix show, The OA! The dance moves in that show are eerily similar and familiar enough to be recognized. I feel they are perfectly matched with Sia's musical style.

Another reason for my obsession is when I stumbled upon Sia performing Unforgettable on Ellen's show. It's a great performance. But what was so striking was the song sounded exactly like a James Bond theme!

Apparently, someone else thought so to...

So, here's to hoping Sia gets to do the next Bond theme. I think she's popular enough now to do it. She'd be great!

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