Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Birthday 39

I had to work on Labor Day.

We were to meet at the Keys Cafe in Woodbury. I cruise over there after I'm done with work, find the van and park next to it, and make my way toward the strip-mall where the restaurant is located. As I come in the door, the family sees me and attacks me with happy birthdays, but...

A brunette girl is behind me calling for my attention. I look back. My first thought was this was Leesha (dressed as I feel she should be, rather than her choice attire), but my next thought was- no, this is not Leesha, but I do know her. From way before. I knew her well. I do believe this is Ruth, whom we (and by we I mean the boys of 8144 Bloomington Ave) lived with at one time. Next thought was- this couldn't be. There's no context for her to be here now. This thought was overridden because the previous thought was indeed correct. By some Labor Day fluke, here was Ruthie.

There were several fantastically awkward moments of half trying to get caught up with Ruth and at the same time thanking my family for the birthday wishes. We said we'd catch up online and she departed, it was all over as quickly as it had escalated.

The rest of the day was as expected, celebrating over brunch with Cara's folks, my folks, Gramdma Mary (kind of celebrating her birthday, too) and the kiddos and Leesha. When we were finished, Willis South and Grandma departed for MO and Cara's folks went home.
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