Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRON and the Purple Sandpiper

Rob and I scheduled a play-date to walk and talk, watch TRON, and eat- in that order. We walked around the MOA for a while while we waited for our showtime. We also toured our old neighborhood back when we lived for very cheap in Bloomington. The movie was great. Next our plan was to find the Bloomington Falafel King for a Mediterranean buffet. But the Falafel King was gone and instead stood the Purple Sandpiper!?! We were defeated. But after looking at their menu we decided to accept defeat and dine there anyway. First of all the sweet potato fries were amazing! We both ordered omeletes that were excellent (mainly because of the goat cheese). The service was very nice. When she overheard us talking about Doctor Who she pretty much joined right in saying her husband likes it but she's more into... RomCom. While I didn't get my desired gyro meat, the Purple Sandpiper was pretty good.
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