Sunday, February 01, 2009


Felt like running a bit of a game this evening. So I printed up a couple of pre-generated characters and gave them to Leesha and Cara. Tossed in a few goblins and we ran a skrimige using the True20 rpg system. I wanted to get familiar with the combat system and give the girls a feel for some more gaming. I think it was a really fun time. True20 is interesting at first. I think it will be smooth if we keep at it. Leesha was getting into it, cutting them down with her longbow. Cara's passive character was trying to achieve a hit. I had the remaining 3 roll a Will save and fail so they all ran. One got away, one got cut down. And one was wounded, begging fior mercy. So it was granted to him, and Cara's character healed his wounds. The encounter ended with that last goblin following the pair at a safe distance, now a loyal and amazed companion to the healer.

It's been a rough weekend. Leesha was sick last weekend and throughout the week. Now, all of a sudden Jack is sick, pretty much because Leesha can't keep her [dirty, germy] hands off of him. Poor guy. Killed the weekend. He is miserable and needs to be held. His cry sounds like a bark because of the crap in his lungs.
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