Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Reflection

Having some time to ponder the virgin birth, as we tend to do at this time of year, I submit this idea (now bare with me, I'm not sure I'll be able to word this correctly):

Because the King of kings' arrival to the world was so insignificant and so completely normal, does this make it more amazing? My birth, and probably yours too, was more glorious than His. He was born in a barn. Mary didn't even have wet nurses. No family. Nothing like that. And He is the KING!?! I imagine when a King is born there is usually an amazing amount of fanfare and celebration. There was nothing like that. There was the host of angels and that's no small thing, but the only guys to see it were some lowly shepherds.

This last year or so's studies are showing me how exactly appropriate this for the Kingdom of God, actually. The upside-down, backwards Kingdom of God. If there was a huge to do about the King of kings' birth, it would go against the nature of this Kingdom He is revealing (at least to me little by little).

I hope I'm conveying my thoughts clearly enough about this, because its profound.
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